Study Models

Basic, Enhanced, and Finished Models. Also in 3D!


Hawley bows,  Adams Clasps, Finger Springs, Pontics, Custom Colors, Designs and more!

Splints & Guards

Hard Splint, 50/50 Hard/Soft, Sport Guards, Invisible Retainer, Bleaching Trays and more!

Functional Appliances

Schwartz, Bionator, Saggital, Riconator,
Ortho Corrector, Head Gear Tubes and more!

Lingual Arches

Lingual Arch, Transpalatal Arch, Sheaths, Brackets, Piston/Pendelum Screws and more!

Space Maintainers

Bands w/ Coil Springs or Threaded Wire, Band & Loop, Indirect Banding and more!

Space Regainers

Palatal Expander, Bonded Hyrax Jack, Removable Quads w/ Bands, Single Arm RPE and more!

3D Printing

Send files for 3D Printing Work/Study Model Set and build Appliances!